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Around town

Dec. 29th, 2010 | 05:37 pm

This morning Jesse and I walked around Arcata, it's really small but there are a lot of cute shops and restaurants. Jesse pointed our some things like the underage drinking tree and a field where he saw lesbians kissing for the first time. Went into a book store as it was sprinkling. On the walk balk it hailed, tiny little hail.

We rested awhile then Martin drove us around, went to the zoo in Eureka, saw the house he grew up in, drove through a sequoia park and went to the mall. He was going for a haircut, Jesse and I hung out in borders while we waited. Went to chinese food for lunch and then drove down to the mouth of Humboldt bay and watched the waves crash on the rocks and two coast guard boats get beat up as they tried to head out. On the way home it hailed ALOT.

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Arcata, CA

Dec. 28th, 2010 | 05:16 pm

Lorrin and her bf Matt drove us down to Arcata on their way to Santa Cruz. When we turned into the driveway Matt said "Are you going to see a wizard?" The house is big and impressive to say the least. They have three floors, the first is big and open for dinning room and kitchen area, next floor has the bedrooms and the attic. The attic is also a guest room, computer room and a nook for Martin's bottle collection. Everyone is really nice and Arcata is beautiful.

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Christmas eve

Dec. 24th, 2010 | 11:00 pm

We had a lovely christmas eve dinner.

We got to open one present as the kids said it was tradition and were insisting. I could have waited because I don't expect much, I knew I was getting one good thing, and that's what I was given to open. I got a pair of ceramic knives!

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21 days and counting

Dec. 17th, 2010 | 04:19 pm

It's 21 days till I turn 21... dun dun duuuun!

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Apple cider caramels

Dec. 11th, 2010 | 06:13 pm

The candy making has been going okay. Two things with hazelnuts, brittle and candied hazelnuts have turned out only okay. But the apple cider caramels were amazing, we wrapped them in brown wax paper and put them in long pyramid boxes, they are adorable, and oh so tasty. I plan on making another batch of them and some ginger coconut caramels. Jesse wants to make some jelly gummy things so we'll get some gelatin, there is a wine jelly I want to make, marshmallows and some fudge. Looks like I'll have to make a lot more boxes as well.

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Portland, OR and TWIC

Dec. 6th, 2010 | 07:50 pm

Ken drove us to Portland today with Jorie as well. Jesse and I were going to get started on coast guard stuff, step 1 get a TWIC.

We went to Powel's books, its takes up a block and is 5 stories, it's huge, thousands of books, going in I knew it would be dangerous, as all book stores are. I came out with only one book, about bread, I've been dying to get one just hadn't ever settled. Everyone else got at least three or more.

Went to lunch and then the TWIC office, were a little early but they saw us right away, took less than half an hour for both of us to be processed. I asked up front if the card could be sent to Oakland, CA, cause I doubt I'd still be up here when it was finished.

Last of all to an Asian market, they had a great selection of things, they didn't have fresh pandan leaves, but I got some extract, hopefully I can make some kaya. Kaya toast, soft boiled eggs and ying yang!

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Bounty in Bermuda

Dec. 6th, 2010 | 07:45 pm

The Bounty has arrived in Bermuda, thanks to facebook I got lots of info and some pictures.

From Mitch:
Arrived in Bermuda on Bounty for an unscheduled stop to pick up a new bilge pump. So far in Seven days since leaving Maine, we've snapped the for t-gallant mast in half, shredded our double reefed main topsail, split a seem on the forsail, the wind blew the main royal out of its gaskets and split it, split in the spanker... fire on the stbd main engine hydrolic fluid line (discharged an entire extinguisher and some to put it out at midnight in my underwear), 15 -25 ft seas for 3 days (enough to make our new cook seemingly go mad), one working bilge pump, 5 gallon bucket of white primer spilt in bosuns, no braces for the main tgallant and main royal, and were supposed to have our crowjack, mizzen topsail yard, mizz. tgallant yard, mizz. royal not to mention the mizz. tgallant mast rigged before we arrive in Puerto Rico. Gotta love it.

So some crazy shit went down. I have mixed feelings on it, I kinda wished I could have been there to help out and see the destruction myself, on the other hand...I'm glad I wasn't. I do miss the boat a little, to think she's out there with out me and in a lot of paint. But I am glad I wasn't there to see the fore topgallant break again, already saw that once.

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Dec. 2nd, 2010 | 06:30 pm

I cooked a lot today.

Flan for Jorie's birthday tomorrow.
Candied grapefruit peel, most of them dipped in chocolate, some dusted with sugar.
Poached pears with red wine reduction.
Dinner, polenta with caramelized onions, mushrooms, shrimp and fried egg.

When I was making the red wine reduction, I let it go a little to far on accident, when it cooled it was a super sticky candy like mess. It tasted fabulous though! It was decided that I need to make some kind of candy from wine syrup like that.

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Dec. 1st, 2010 | 06:51 pm

We had a girls day to celebrate Jorie's birthday that's on friday. Got a pedicure, saw Burlesque and then went grocery shopping.

First of all the store was amazing, Market of Choice, tons of organic stuff and all the shelves were absolutely stuffed, I don't think I've ever seen so much product and not know what I wanted. Jorie said to not be shy and put in whatever I wanted.

Going food shopping can tell you a lot about a person, wether they choose organic or look at prices, the little things like that can indicate what kind of money they have. Not that money has anything to do with anything, it's just nice to see that they have enough that they'll just buy what they want to eat and not worry about it.

In the car Lauren calculated that from that shopping trip we'd spent about $10 a day per person for 5 days. That's a lot considering I just came off the boat and it was $5 a day per person.

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I'm back

Nov. 30th, 2010 | 07:37 pm

So it's been ages since I actually wrote here, in my first blog, I have good reason though.

If I had to update two blogs this last year, I would have gone crazy. Keeping one updated, with pictures a few times a week was enough, I wrote every day for almost a year. I got off Bounty 5 days short of a year. But that's not what this blog is about, this is my feelings and what I'm doing in my life off the boat, I haven't written anything for about a week now and I feel the need to start up again, if I don't then I'll lose practice and when next March rolls around and I'm on the boat again I won't want to write.

Current location: Junction City, Oregon at Jesse's mom's place.

It's really beautiful here, when we arrived it snowed and the snow hung around for the first day or so we were here. Now we are having typical Oregon weather, cloudy, rainy, overcast and I love it. Jorie, Jesse's mom, is super nice and her husband Ken is great, they are both beautiful people who welcomed me into their home with open arms, said their house was mine as well. So I've been slowly getting use to it and am now more comfortable cooking whatever I want. Jorie even told me she expected a Christmas list on her desk so she can tell Santa what I want, I'm still a little shy and don't really want to ask for anything, but Jesse speaks up for me. Tomorrow we are having a girl's day for her birthday, pedicures and a movie.

Other life business.

Mom: has a bf, gross. He sounds like a nice guy, but it's still the concept of it all that is gross.
Dad: still in Singapore with a gf? Not sure on this relationship status.
Eric: has a gf as well, bleah.

We all have significant others, weird eh?

Also at one point I was the only one in the family with a job, but it's winter now, so no job for me.

Today I looked at a lot of food blogs, one after the other, my head is full of food, cooking, ideas about food, everything. I really want to cook next year on Bounty, so I have to practice things and get good ideas as well, out in the middle of no where you only have yourself really. I'm hopping to become a really good cook over the next few months so that I'll be great next year, hopefully with Aaron at my side as the other cook.

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